Friday, April 27, 2012

Two Months Old

On the same day that Cormac hit 2.5 Azure hit 2 months. And as cliche as it is I really can't believe it. How can my little baby already be 2 months? When I'm pregnant time can't go fast enough. But once they get here I feel like it should slow down. The other day I asked her if she could just stop growing and stay my little baby forever. She just gave me one of her little half smiles. I guess that was the beginning of her thinking her mom is sort of ridiculous. Too bad.

At 2 months Azure:
~ is 12 lbs 2 oz (the 65th percentile).
~ 22 inches according to the nurse (but I'm really positive she's at least 23 inches, she didn't do a very good job measuring her, but that would put her in the 29th percentile for height according to the nurse).
~ loves to be held all the time.
~ sleeps from about 9:00 pm to 4:30 am, eats for 15 minutes, and then goes back to sleep until about 9:00 am (it's heaven).
~hates to have her nose wiped, her finger or toenails cut, or to be dressed or undressed.
~loves her bath.
~smiles a lot.
~likes pulling Mom's hair.
~sunburns fast and easy (learned that the hard way; mother of the year).
~must be held by Mom during dinner (she somehow always knows when we are sitting down to eat and must be in my arms during the meal or she screams).
~doesn't like Mom to leave. . . ever.
~is okay with tummy time for a little while.
~holds her head up like a pro (she actually started that at 1 month old).
~is the sweetest and most cuddly little bug ever.
~is extremely dramatic and delicate; she takes even little bumps very personally.
~stretches the same way mommy does.
~never. stops. moving. She is the squirmiest baby I've ever met.
~love to stick out her tongue and blow bubbles.

I love this little face. I think she's so very pretty. But I'm afraid my pretty girl is going to need to toughen up a bit. The other day Cormac threw a basketball that hit her in the head. I saw it coming and deflected it a bit so it didn't hit too hard. The world nearly ended for Azure though. Oh boy was she mad. I'm afraid that second children (especially with older brothers) don't have the luxury of being delicate for long. But I'll keep protecting her for a few more months. She doesn't need to toughen up just yet. But it is strange for me. Cormac has the highest tolerance for pain. We were eating at Costco a couple days ago. Cormac slid off the bench backward and smacked his head. HARD. I felt the floor shake. Everyone around looked over because they all felt it too. We were all very worried. Cormac cried for maybe 30 seconds and then moved on. He is a tough, tough kid.

I can't get enough of these smiles. Cormac didn't smile until he was a lot older. And then I had to work extremely hard to get a smile out of him. Even now he's very guarded in how he offers up his smiles (which is maybe good, he's got a gorgeous smile, combine that with those eyes and we'd already be fighting the ladies off:). But Azure loves to be talked to and will reward you with the most beautiful smiles. I love it. Her eyes are still deciding what color they are. They are still mostly grey with hints of green and blue. Her hair is all over the place. The back is a dark brown, but the top has both brown and a blonde going on, so I'm not sure where she'll land. Her eyelashes are starting to get really long, but are light. So beautiful. Just like my sweet girl. I'm so in love with these kids. It's good to be a mom.

Two and a half

I have to say that part of me can't believe we hit the 2.5 mark and part of me feels like we're already past that. Maybe it's because most of Cormac's little buddies are already 3 or very close to it. Either way, Cormac has reached another milestone in his life. He's growing up. Ever since we brought Azure home Cormac has been stepping into the big boy role more and more. He's not a baby anymore and he knows it.

This kid is so fun. He is very passionate. When he's happy he is all the way happy. When he's upset. . . well, you can imagine. He's been that way since he was a baby. He has a flare for the dramatic as well. Pretty sure he didn't get that from me. It must have been from Ammon. Cormac loves his Daddy. He still won't call me Mom or even say "mom" or "momma" or "mommy," but he knows his Daddy and even calls him that. I'm a little jealous that I just get grunts, but Daddy gets a name. Maybe someday.

Let me tell you about Cormac at 2.5. He loves to be tickled. He loves to wrestle. He loves trains, cars, and trucks. He loves to ride just about anything: scooter, bikes, trikes, little four wheelers. He loves sitting in cars. He really enjoys just getting to play in the cab of our truck while Daddy's working on loading the back with various stuff to be hauled off (our yard is a big project). Cormac loves to jump and jump and jump. He'll jump around the house all the time. If he gets to play on a trampoline he's in heaven. He has a very nice unibrow and is working on a mustache. I'm not joking. The kid has mustache hair. I guess he must be a Dahl.

He's still sleeping in a crib. But that is going to end this weekend. He's only still in it because Mom hasn't been ready to try a big boy bed. And to be honest he really adores his crib. He sleeps from about 8:00 pm to 7:30 or 8:00 am each night. He still takes a nap most days for anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. His language is starting to get better. He can speak a little English now, but we have a long way to go. He still mostly just points and grunts. But he does say "go away" (that's my fault), "let go," "side" (outside), "mon" (come on), and "bye" really well. He says more than that, but these are his favorites. These and "no" and "okay." Oh and "bebe" (for baby). Anyway, the point is he's starting to talk more finally.

Cormac is really shy in public. He shares really well with adults (not as well with kids, but not too bad). He's got 2 good friends, Todd and Ethan, that he likes to play with whenever he can. He's fascinated by older kids and loves to follow them around. And he still has a little snuggle bug streak that comes out on rare occasions. I love those rare occasions.

One last funny story for you and then I'll stop. The other day I bought him some new clothes (this kid doesn't stop growing, he's so tall). We were getting him dressed in his new duds and I told him he looked so handsome and to look in the mirror at his new clothes. He walked over to his full length mirror, checked himself out, and then kissed himself in the mirror before running off to play. I guess when you look that good it can't be helped.

Sure love this boy. I'm so glad he's mine.

Baby Quilts

She did it again. Coralee has made a beautiful quilt for each of her grandchildren. She finished this one for Azure (Grandchild #20) while on her mission. We just got it this week and couldn't be more happy with it. It's beautiful. I can't believe how much hard work she puts into each of these quilts. So, naturally, we had to have a photo shoot.

I should, perhaps, take a close-up of the back so you can really get a good view of the beautiful stitching. She quilted around the large flowers and the daisies. So much work!

The note talks about how Coralee finished the quilt in the Sarah Granger Kimball home in Nauvoo. That's the home where the idea of the Relief Society (and the beginning of millions of quilts) was conceived. I think that's an awesome little historical note. Such a special quilt.

And look at how happy she is about it. Azure has been smiling at us now for a few weeks! I love, love, love her smiles. Because let's face it, not all of my kids give those away so easily:


Cormac wanted to do a photo shoot as well. So here he is with his special quilt Grandma made and his special bear. He's really happy about it too. But at least I got one of him sitting still before this happened:

He really likes to wrestle with his bear. They are buddies. 

Coralee, thank you so much for the beautiful quilts. We love them. They are very special to us. You spoil us.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Felt Flowers

Last post today I promise. I really should spread these out more. But since I have a few minutes I think I wanted to just get them up. You see, I've been a bit under the weather. So while I should be outside helping Ammon plant and clean up the yard, I'm sitting here at the computer instead trying to breathe. And taking care of Baby Girl as well.

During my baby shower (you know. . . forever ago. . .) my dear friend Suzanne had the idea to have the ladies make felt flowers for hair accessories. We did that instead of a shower game. It was really fun. Then right after Azure was born my wonderful Mia Maids made us lasagna to put in the freezer (which is so yummy and has come in handy) and they made a few more flowers for her. Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of pictures of the beautiful flowers in action (not the lasagna).

I love this little outfit. I can't remember who gave it to me during the shower, but I love it. Azure wears it a lot. And look at how wonderful her little felt flower coordinates. So sweet.

As I was snapping pictures of Azure, Cormac decided to get in on the action. He is one cool cat.

And here's another flower that she is wearing today. I really love how sweet the flowers are. I need to make more. Although I have plenty hanging on her headband holder that I haven't even had a chance to use yet. But they will get used. I'm sure of that.

Having a girl is so much fun. I'm pretty sure she will always look a lot cuter than her mom. I take a lot of time picking out her outfits and getting her dressed each day. Not so much with myself. I suppose I should enjoy it while I can before she no longer lets me dress her and fuss over her all the time. I know my mom wishes I had been more receptive to her care in that area as a teenager. And though she doesn't say it, I'm sure she feels that way a lot of the time now. She did teach me better. But who has time for make-up and doing hair? Let alone getting out of your pajamas. I'm sorry, Mom. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll get my come uppance soon enough.

Easter 2012

Look what the Easter Bunny brought us. He knows us very well. Azure got a pretty Easter dress with a headband. And then I failed to take a picture of her in it. I'll do it next time she wears it and post it then.

Ammon got a copy of this picture to put on his desk at work:

It's different than the one I posted earlier. Cormac is smiling in this one. Still has those awful shadows, but what can I say? I did my best.

I got some Sand Cherry starts to plant in the back yard (those aren't pictured).

And Cormac got some fancy VHS movies ($1 at DI, that bunny is a savvy shopper) which he loves. Of course candy and other goodies were part of the usual fare as well.

And because I'm awesome I forgot my camera during the fabulous family dinner that we had at my Aunt Harriet's house. The food was amazing (as usual). Then we had a wonderful Easter egg hunt and a competition that involved placing slats in the fence. It was a good time had by all. But since I didn't bring my camera you'll just have to imagine. Maybe Jamilah and Harriet will have mercy on my soul and share a few of the pictures they took some time (pretty please).

It was a wonderful day. I love going to church each Easter and remembering the resurrection of my Savior. I had the opportunity to teach all the Young Women that day about the Second Coming. Isn't it wonderful to know that God has a plan for us and that some day soon Christ will come and rule. I am looking forward to that time of peace. And I'm thankful for my Savior. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well.

Our Wedding Quilt

Remember how I told you that Coralee gave us our wedding quilt at Azure's blessing? I showed you this quick picture of it:

Then I said I'd probably take better pictures soon? Well, here they are. I don't think they are better pictures, but there are more so you can get a better view of it. Please ignore the rather scary appearance of the walls in our room. We have yet to tackle our bedroom. One of our walls is still a blanket in fact.

Ammon's father, Mark, drew the design that Coralee quilted. I love it. My mom and I had found a pattern that I liked. Then I decided I wanted to change it up a lot. Coralee was amazing and made all the changes I had requested. Then Mark added his beautiful touch, and Ammon and I really love how it looks. Coralee and I picked out the material together. It is such a special quilt. We plan to hang it on the wall soon.

On each quilt Coralee makes she writes a note telling about that quilt. I love how it makes each piece so special and will add a lot of meaning as the quilts get handed down. She's wonderful.

Thank you Mark and Coralee. We love our quilt and will treasure it always.

Ginger Bread Man

A little while back Cormac decided to try on my big rain boots. Trouble was, he couldn't stand up in them. So he laid them on the ground and slid into them. I thought it was hilarious. He just hung out on the floor in my boots for a while. For some reason I thought he looked like a ginger bread man. Anyway, I snapped a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.


In 2 years (and beyond), when Azure no longer wants to snuggle with me all the time, I want to remember this:

Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It finally happened

I wasn't sure we would ever get Cormac to hold his sister. He has been taking more interest in her lately, but he still mostly just cares when she's crying. Yesterday I set her down in Ammon's big blue chair so I could chase Cormac down and wipe the peanut butter and jelly off his face before he got it all over the house (I was too late. Which reminds me that I heard someone famous (not sure who) tweeted the other day that "living with kids is like living in a frat house, everything is sticky and no one knows why." Makes me laugh). Anyway, after I had caught my culprit and cleansed him appropriately I went to go put the wash cloth away. When I came back into the living room Cormac had climbed up in the chair next to Azure. So I took a chance and asked if he wanted to hold her. He did. But she wanted to eat, so it was short lived. This picture was taken the third time he held her yesterday. Any time I picked her up yesterday Cormac followed me around with his arms wide open for her. Today I got the kids all dressed up so I could take another picture like the one above, only with a headband on little Azure's head so she doesn't look so bald. You think I could get Cormac to hold her today? Not a chance. Oh well.