Friday, September 24, 2010

Eleven Months Old

Cormac has now reached the grand age of elven months. We are all a little shocked over here considering he will be one so soon. Can it really have been a year? But enough with the cliche comments of how fast time flies, let me tell you about our boy. First off, it is hard to get a picture of this busy, busy, busy guy. Most of the pictures look like this:

He's on the move with tons to do and say. But that's not new. At eleven months Cormac:
~ loves to play and play and play.
~ needs a lot of attention.
~ has 5 teeth.
~ repeats a lot of the things we say (like uh oh, dada, mama, all done, bye bye, and others).
~ is completely binkie free.
~ loves raspberries and peaches.
~ has figured out how to turn the water on in the tub and is obsessed with trying it whenever possible.
~ cruises on all the furniture.
~ can bend over to pick things up off the ground rather than having to sit down on his bum to get things.
~ enjoys wrestling. Especially with Daddy and his big stuffed bear.
~ is a pro at grabbing things, particularly Mommy's eyelashes.
~ is finally growing some hair see:

It's there. I promise. Well, we will soon have a toddler instead of a baby. Bring it on. We love you Cormac.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Cormac's pj's are a little big on him. But he grows so fast who can blame me for getting them large? Anyway, this morning he managed to become a monopod. It's hard to see from the above photo, so here's another:

My one legged son. He was so annoyed that he couldn't get around very well. Instead of helping him, I ran for my camera. Some mom. We did finally get him all situated and he is now the proud owner of two legs once again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Living Room

The living room has been a rather slow project. There is still a lot I want to do with the room, but I finally got it far enough along that I wanted to show off my progress.

So here is the before, complete with bug spray on the fireplace and little green bowl on the floor.



The fireplace is still there, I just wasn't backed up enough. Please ignore the paint samples on the wall in the hall (I like to rhyme). I haven't gotten that far yet.

Things I'm still working on:
~ refinishing the piano.
~ reupholstering couches and chairs.
~ replacing the ceiling light and fan.
~ finishing the ceiling.

Here are some detailed pictures of the room:

I want to replace this bookshelf here with a small entry table or something of that sort. Someday.

My little art project over my piano.

The drapes I made myself and the funny little ladder that was left here. I think Ammon thinks I'm strange for bringing it in the house but I love it. The drapes need a few more clips on top so they hang just right, but I haven't done that yet either.

Ammon took this picture and we had it blown up. I found the frame complete with mat and glass at DI for $5. I painted it and there you have it. Cheap and easy. We did actually break the original glass and had to replace it, but other than that, it was a pretty good deal. At least I thought so. I am proud of my thrift.

And the view going the other way. Still working on the ceiling and the kitchen and dinning room area, but we are making progress. Slowly, but surely as they say.

And finally, one more look at the before and after:

Side by side:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

F is for Football. . . and fall

Fall is in the air. Summer is good and wonderful. It was too short this year. But I love fall. I get excited for it every year. This year is no different. Fall brings so many wonderful things:

~ Fallen leaves.
~ Lots of color. I love color.
~ The renewed desire to work on our house.
~ Cider.
~ Holidays.
~ Football.

The football season started off with a bang. Thanks Cougars for not letting us down! We are excited for the new season.