Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Like Daddy

I started this post before Father's Day. Then things got busy. Then our computer crashed. So I figured I'd save it for Ammon's birthday which was just this last Friday. I'm afraid it wasn't a very good birthday. We didn't celebrate Ammon all that much because my sister graduated with her BA from BYU-Idaho. I'm planning to have a late birthday day this week to make up for it.

Ammon is an amazing man. Really. Remember that whole computer crash I just mentioned? We thought for a few days it might be the hard drive. I hadn't backed up a picture in 2 years and I was very distraught. Ammon spent hours researching, figured out a few things it might be, narrowed it down to one, and fixed it. He can fix anything. No really. Anything.

There were a few months in my son's life when I was his favorite. They were mostly the months in which I was nursing him. Since then I've been replaced by another. As Cormac gets older he becomes more and more enamored by his daddy. He is starting to look more and more like Ammon as well. Not to mention he imitates him whenever possible.

Sitting on the back of the couch. All seriousness and a cool-aid mustache to complete the look.
At the end of the day when I notice Ammon is home I have only to say "Guess who's home" and Cormac takes off for the door eager to greet his dad. And who can blame him. Ammon is an amazing father.

Both our kids smile huge when they see him. And Cormac talks about Daddy and his truck a good portion of every day. The second Ammon walks in the door Cormac usually grabs a toy for himself and one for his dad. Then he takes Ammon's hand and leads him to the train track or the construction site so they can play. I love to watch them play in the sand box together, or to watch Cormac try to imitate his dad while Ammon is working.

I could go on. But considering the feelings of the one being written I will stop. Ammon has never enjoyed the spotlight, and though I could brag about him until next July, I'll just simply say, he's amazing. I'm a very lucky girl and we have some very lucky kids. Happy birthday, Ammon. We love you. You make every day wonderful.

4 Months Old

Azure is growing up. I need to take her 5 month picture already. It goes by so fast. There are times that I miss a stage before and wish it wasn't going by so fast, but then the new phase is so much fun that I love where we are.

I need to time these pictures better. She's always sad when I take them.

At four months Azure:

~ smiles all the time. Especially if her brother is anywhere near.
~ loves Cormac. A lot.
~ rolls from her back to her tummy.
~ gets a sunburn if you just mention that it's sunny out.
~ wakes up a lot at night. Nearly every 2 hours.
~ won't take a bottle and looks like you slapped her in the face if you try to give her a pacifier.
~ babbles some. 
~ loves to blow bubbles.
~ lost 2 oz. She is now 14 lbs 2 oz, but she grew an inch and is now 25.5 inches long.
~ is a very happy baby.
~ loves to be held.
~ moves nonstop.
~ makes everyone around her incredibly happy.
~ and is so very beautiful.

And to end I just wanted to post this fun picture. A few weeks ago I got to go over to my good friend Suzanne's new house in Lehi. We made shirts for the kids (I still need to take a picture of that), and the kids had a blast running around and playing. Azure even got in on some of the play time. Here she is with Suzanne's oldest, Cayden, getting chauffeured around the basement.

Big Trucks and Track Hoes

I'm a bit behind. We've been a busy group lately. But I wanted to share a few pictures of our outing the day before Father's Day. We decided to go up to the Kennecott Copper Mine. We knew there would be big trucks and machinery. The perfect outing for a little boy who can spot a track hoe half a mile away.

Here Cormac is looking down into the mine and shouting "truck."

Poor girl, it was hot out. She was tired and not really in the mood to look at trucks.

Looking at trucks with Daddy.

No trip to the mine is complete without a picture with the big tire.

This is Cormac's definition of Heaven, except there would be no glass between him and the models.

We tried to get a photo together. Cormac just wanted to go see the trucks again. . .

It was a very upsetting experience for Cormac to leave. He was distraught. I think he would have stayed all day. He really loves trucks. He used to just know truck and track hoe. So if it wasn't a truck he'd call it a track hoe. He now knows the difference between a track hoe, back hoe, loader, bulldozer, bobcat, and tractor. He also loves planes, helicopters, and trains. Anything you could ride in really.

As we drive down the street Cormac will say, "Look track hoe (or whatever it is he spotted)" over and over until someone acknowledges it. Then he says "Bye track hoe, miss you track hoe." He also does this with animals.

To end the trip we made a stop to see Ammon's grandma. She is very good to us.

Cormac loves to play at Grandma Jaynes' house. Azure loves to be snuggled. It was a great time.