Saturday, May 12, 2012

Azure the Beautiful

Just a couple pictures of my pretty girl.


The other morning I set Azure down in my chair for a second. Cormac was close by and decided that she needed lots of love. He started giving her kisses. So I ran for my camera.

But as soon as I broke out my camera this happened:

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post for this Cormac story: The other day Cormac was running around with his buddy from next door. While going full speed Cormac tripped and went down on the asphalt. He scraped up his knee and elbow pretty bad. He was bleeding a little. He looked over to me and realized that I had seen him go down. So naturally he cried. I was worried because he really did scratch himself up pretty bad. I went over and helped him up. I had barely started to inspect the damage and was ready to take my boy inside to clean him up when he took off with Ethan again. There was no time for being hurt. He needed to play. A while later I did bring him in the house. We went into the bathroom for a little first aid. He didn't protest my cleaning him up. He was very brave through that part (which is usually the painful part). Then I pulled out some band aids. And my boy fell apart. I fought with him for about 15 minutes trying to get him to keep the band aids on. He just sobbed like his arm had been cut off. I finally gave in. The band aids came off. What kid cries harder about the band aids than the cut? Just Cormac I guess. I don't know what I'm going to do if he ever has a cut that truly requires bandaging. . .

Back to what I was saying earlier.

I encouraged Cormac to go give his sister kisses again. It took some prodding, but he eventually turned his attention back to Azure.

Azure was very happy about it. Love these two.

What do you think? Red head?