Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Year Old

Well folks, it's true. One week ago our little man decided to turn one. I won't bore you with how incredibly fast the time has flown for me, just know that it has. And let me just say that it is horribly difficult to get a picture of this little guy these days. He is busy. Thus, we had to wait until Ammon got home from work and I had to hold him in place in order to get this picture. At one year Cormac:

~ loves to say rawr, boo, mama, and dad.
~ wants to walk so bad. He won't let us set him down on his bum anymore, he must be set down on his feet close to something he can grab onto. He's still a little chicken to venture out on his own though.
~ enjoys eating bananas and anything off of Mommy's plate.
~ crawls at turbo speed.
~ has a mischievous side. He gets this little look on his face when he knows he is about to do something I would not approve of and then goes for it as fast as he can.
~ jabbers a lot.
~ walks like a drunk sailor (with assistance of course).
~ has 8 teeth.
~ is finally getting hair. I mean, enough that other people can even tell, not just me.
~ loves to laugh and smile (but he still makes you work for it some).
~ is wary of strangers.
~ love, love, loves to play peekaboo.
~ enjoys helping Mommy paint (It's pretty cute too. He dips his dry brush into the dry paint pan and then moves to whatever object he has chosen and starts painting.).
~ still not sleeping through the night.
~ needs attention. He sure likes an audience (he gets it from his dad:)
~ is the sweetest and funniest little guy ever.

No really, he cracks me up routinely. We are so thankful to have Cormac in our family. I really can't imagine my life without him. I just adore this little boy more than I can say. And look at what a change a year has had on this little guy:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The requisite family pictures when your child turns one

A year ago today Cormac finally decided to show up after 2 days of labor. I remember feeling panicked because he wasn't crying as much as I thought he should. He made up for it during the nights following us bringing him home. Last night Ammon and I were talking about how it seemed only a few days ago that Cormac was born, and yet at the same time it felt like he had always been part of our family. Either way, I'm happy to say that we have a most adorable, mischievous little man here who has managed to survive an entire year of me.

A few months ago I entered a blog giveaway and somehow won. It was a miracle. What did I win? A photo shoot with the amazing Staci D. I love her work and am glad that I was introduced to her by our mutual friend Heidi. Here's a sneak peak.

We had the pictures taken in Midway. Isn't it beautiful? Incidentally we also lost our only car key while we were out there, and after searching for it for nearly an hour in the dark, tall grass we ended up having to call a shuttle to come pick us up and take us all the way back to Lindon. It's a long story and one I'm sure we'll laugh at some day. But I think the pictures are worth it.

I may have won the giveaway, but Staci has won a client out of me. I love these pictures. There are more that you can see on Staci's blog. I didn't post them all.

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Things

New things at the Dahl House:

~ Cormac had his first ear infection.
~ Cormac threw up for the first time.
~ Ammon started a new job. He is now involved in the hated road construction.
~ Melanee gets to eat tomatoes tomorrow for the first time in weeks.
~ It's October! Holy Cow!

And because I was wasting time, for your viewing pleasure: