Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Firework Adventure

I love fireworks. Since I love them I think my children should as well. I felt that Azure was old enough and we ought to partake. We worked in the yard all day. It was hot!! (And yes it was hot enough to warrant 2 exclamation points, I don't use those lightly.) After we got all showered up and cooled down we had a little BBQ just to ensure that we were American enough to celebrate Independence Day. Then we told the kids we were going to have an adventure and we loaded them, our bikes, snacks, glow sticks, sparklers, and toys up in the truck.

Our first stop was for ice cream. A whole lot of ice cream. Then we drove down to our old stomping grounds in Provo. We parked in the neighborhood where we used to live; real close to the Center Street onramp. We unloaded the truck, helmeted everyone, and loaded up the bike trailer. After a quick ride we found ourselves outside LaVell Edwards Stadium. We have a favorite spot in the North East corner because we can hear everything going on inside without having to pay to go inside.

As we arrived and staked our claim on a nice grassy spot we heard an angry hissing coming from Ammon's back tire. For Father's Day Ammon got new tires and tubes for his bike. This was our maiden voyage with the new tires, but he must of run over something that didn't agree with his tube. His tire was completely flat. But we remained, determined to have a grand time.

First we rolled cars down the hill on the sidewalk.

Azure tried to use her glow stick as a straw.

Then everyone crawled all over Daddy. Well, not everyone, just those under the age of 4.

We had fun with bubbles as the sun was setting.

Then we busted out the pretzels and glow sticks.

When it was just freshly dark we broke out the sparklers as Kelly Clarkson serenaded us.

And then we waited. It was 2 hours past bedtime, but these kids were troopers. When the fireworks started Azure really enjoyed them at first, but soon was disenchanted. She watched the whole show, but was not as impressed as she could have been for her first experience with fireworks.

Cormac truly loved the last firework show we went to 2 years ago, but he was not as big a fan this time around. He said it was too loud and made Ammon cover his ears the whole time. He fell asleep during the finale. Something I could never do.

The show was awesome and we had a good time. But our adventure did not stop there. We loaded back up. On the way there Ammon had carried Cormac on the back of his bike, but this time we loaded both kids and all our gear up in the trailer and hitched it to my bike. Then we started back to where the truck was parked. I got caught in a mob of people going the opposite way, so that took forever, but once through that we made it to the truck in record time. The kids were sound asleep before they'd been in the trailer for more than a few minutes. I was just finishing loading the kids and our stuff up in the truck when Ammon arrived. He had run and pushed his bike the whole way and was just in time to load the bikes. We made it home safe and sound and are all very tired today. But I think it was a great time. We are thankful to be able to celebrate our freedom and proud to be Americans.

Azure's First Haircut

I took Cormac in for a haircut. While I was there I thought to myself, "hmm, maybe it's time to do something about Azure's mullet." I'm rather impulsive and decided to go for it. There wasn't much ceremony to it. She did awesome. She was a cool customer. She hardly flinched and just let it happen. We trimmed up the back some in hopes that the top will catch up. Here are some pictures of my sweet blondie getting her hair done.

Random June Roundup

Here are some fun June pictures from things that happened.

Azure decided to start accessorizing her outfits. She found some lovely "bracelets."

I decided I needed a change and redid a few walls in our house on a whim. I have yet to take after pictures, but this wall used to be the same blue that you see to the left. I love how it turned out. I'll share one of these days.

The Cobians came to town for a visit. Naturally that meant we needed to spend some time at the Dinosaur Museum. For the first time I actually let Azure play in the sand and water. She really enjoyed it.

Handsome Marcos loved posing for my camera. He was also a big fan of Azures. It was very sweet.

Lilianna and Cormac had fun building in the sand.

And per our tradition we got a picture of all the kids on the dino scale. They are all growing up so fast.
And that pretty much sums up June. We just tried not to die in the over 100 degree heat. In June? Come on guys. This is Ri.Di.Culous.