Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My mom had horrible morning sickness every time she was pregnant. I have heard of other women who have it as well. I always dreaded that part of pregnancy, but figured I would just sail through it like all the other women I knew seemed to do. I'm beginning to wonder if people do really sail through it. I'm not sailing, I'm sinking.

Tell me, what do you all do to combat the queasies? I am looking for fresh ideas. I know I need to be eating and drinking, but it is so difficult. 

In other news, we saw our baby yesterday. It's just a little peanut. We now know that we are almost 9 weeks pregnant. Still a ways to go in this first trimester, but not as long as we could have had. We saw the little heart beating away and heard it. It was all very exciting and made me feel just a little bit better about being sick. I know that most people wait until their second trimester to tell the news, but I've never been good at secrets. And it was no secret that we had been trying and failing. So, why not spread the news early. Anyway, so far everything is going well and we are very thankful that other than an upset stomach things are going smoothly. We just have to hang on a few more weeks and hopefully things will improve.

So, what do you do? Let me know. Any and all ideas are extremely welcome.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What to write

Some days I feel as if I should write something on my blog. I love to read other people's blogs and to learn what is going on in the lives of those people I care about. So, I feel pressure to write something on my own blog to keep in touch. When these thoughts and urges arrive I often sit and wonder what I could write about. I could tell you that Sandy has dug up every single tulip that I had so carefully planted. Not only did she dig them up, but she bit them in half as well, just to make sure there was no hope of them growing. I could tell you that Charlie has learned that the friendly Chihuahuas next door don't like it when he jumps the fence into their yard. He has now decided that he will let either Ammon or me retrieve the ball when it crosses that fence. I could tell you that Ammon is working very hard. He has 2 jobs starting soon that he is managing and so he is under extra stress at work to get everything done on time. But he loves his job and is excited about the new projects. I could tell you that we have been enjoying the beautiful weather and celebrating by taking rides on Ammon's bike (the one with the motor). I could also tell you of the troubles of remodeling your own home. It seems to never be finished. We would like to put our house on the market and move on to new things, but we can't until we finish this house, and it may never be done at the rate we are moving. I could tell you how busy I am working on the various projects I have going on here at home. I am not very good at managing my time effectively so it seems that only one thing gets done each day, but I guess that is still progress. But I think what I will tell you instead is that Ammon and I are expecting our first baby. That is the biggest news that we have. We are somewhere between 7 and 11 weeks (not very specific, I know) and hope to have more details soon. We are thrilled and couldn't be more excited. We had sort of given up and thought we would need some more sophisticated (and expensive) infertility treatments, but I guess the Lord had other plans for us. At least we finally know why I have been sick for the last 6 weeks.