Monday, August 13, 2012

Current Favorites

I'm crazy about these two pictures right now. They are my favorites of the moment.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


The other day I went to check on Azure. She had been really upset when I'd put her down for her nap. I just wanted to make sure she was still breathing. I'm paranoid. This is what I found when I peeked in her room:

Her little legs were all the way out of her crib. She was sound asleep on her stomach. Poor baby. So very tired. Naturally I took off for the camera as soon as I saw it. Funny girl.

She loves to watch everything we do. She is so very alert and observant. The other day I was talking on the phone on the couch. I had put her in the boppy pillow sitting up facing the other direction. She couldn't see me and that wasn't acceptable. So she laid back on the pillow and watched me upside down. Sucking on her bottom lip the whole time. She makes me smile. A lot.

We Hang Out

I know that these pictures aren't very exciting. And they really don't serve a purpose. But we have some important people in our lives who don't get to see these kids all that much these days. Especially the grandparents. So I feel like this is one way I can share a little bit of our every day with those we love.

Cormac and Azure have really taken to each other lately. Cormac is still not too excited about the occasions when Azure gets ahold of one of his toys, and I'm sure that won't get easier as she becomes more mobile, but apart from that they really love each other. In the morning I have to wait until Azure has been able to watch Cormac for at least 15 minutes before she'll settle down and let me feed her.

Cormac is starting to enjoy hanging out with Azure. He always talks about "Azure bebe." In fact he has now named any baby he sees "Azure."

Say "Cheese."
When we were visiting with my family for my sister's graduation (see previous post) my parents were trying to take a picture of Cormac. They told him to "say cheese." He responded "no cheese, no cheese." I guess he wasn't hungry.

I think most of the time they just want me to get out of their faces. That's fair. But I love how they love each other. Whenever Azure is sad Cormac yells "Uh Oh, bebe Azure sad!" Sometimes I feel he is a little too enthusiastic for what he is reporting. We'll have to work on empathy. He also points to his face when he is sad and says "Mormac Sad." It cracks me up because he's usually in the middle of a full blown fall on the floor fit when he stops and calmly declares that he's sad. I try very hard not to laugh.

Anyway, we hang out in our pajamas a lot. It's just something we do. I love to wear my pajamas. So does Ammon. Thus the kids do also. Maybe I'm just lazy.

Another thing that happens a lot in our house lately is yoga. Here are the kids doing upward facing dog.

Oh, and it has been really hot in our house lately. So sometimes we get down to the bare minimum in clothing. There was a time when Cormac was on the beefy side. Never fat really, just thick. He hit 25 pounds at about 1 year old. He'll be three in October and he is almost 30 pounds now. Yep, 2 years, 5 pounds. Getting more and more like his daddy.

Azure almost always has this face now. She will not take a pacifier or a bottle. She does suck on her fingers some. She mostly just chews on her fingers. Well, now she has started sucking in her bottom lip and sucking on it. I think it's adorable. I think she's adorable. And I tell her that it's her own fault I kiss her so much. With cheeks like that. What can I say, I'm human.

Sure love these kids.

Aunt Bird and Uncle D

Since my sister was born we have called her Bird. So I can't quite let it go. Thus my children will likely call her Bird as well. A few weeks ago we took the trip to Rexburg to see Sera graduate. Birdy is now a the proud owner of of a Bachelor's Degree in graphic design.

Naturally we had to take the customary family pictures. Which is such a challenge with a toddler:

Ammon was snapping pictures and so was Darrin's mom. As we were standing with our happy smiling face and squirming children we were told to say "Sera's pregnant" instead of say cheese. This followed:

"Say, 'Sera's Pregnant.'"
My favorite part of all the pictures that were taken was the sheer joy on Darrin's face. Clearly someone is excited to become a father. So very cool.


I was in shock. It took me a while to process that it wasn't a joke. Not that Bird has every joked about it. But still. We were extremely excited. So we snapped a few more pictures.

While the way that Bird told us was truly awesome because the reaction was caught on camera, we actually ruined the way she had planned to tell us by showing up a little too late for her to enact her original plan of dressing my children in these awesome t-shirts that she made. Here are a few pictures of the kids in the shirts:

You can't see the front in these, but later you'll see it. It has a dragon on it since Baby Caldwell will be born in the year of the dragon.

Naturally we were very thrilled. Our kids' first cousin on my side of the family, and a degree all thrown in. It was a happy day. The next day we went around campus to see the sights. I can't recognize the campus from when I was there. So much has changed.

The awesome shirt.
Viewing the beautiful gardens.

I'm in love with this picture. Could his smile be any more goofy. And his grandparents are obviously happy to be with such a crazy boy. He really loves Grammie and Papa.

Sleepy baby.

The park has an awesome splash park and a merry-go-round. Uncle D was kind enough to lend us a dollar (still owe you for that D), and so Cormac got to ride. He loved it.

Waving to Grammie.

I guess I loved it too based on my expression.

He kept telling me what the horse says the whole time.
You want me to do what?

Oh I got this. You want me to splash!

Baby girl wasn't so sure about splashing, but it was hot enough out that I think she put up with it just to cool off.

Aunt Bird and Baby Azure

Splashing away.

It was a wonderful weekend. We had a great time despite the terrible heat. Poor Sera and Darrin had to watch us take over their beautiful home and make a mess out of it, but they were kind and didn't complain. They're good folks. We are very happy for Birdy to finally be done with school. And we are even more excited about the coming baby this January.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hanging out with Cormac

Ethan and Cormac hanging out, being cool. My favorite part of this picture is Cormac's ear. 

5 Months Old

Look who's 5 months old. She's getting so big so fast. And check out her new trick:

She still needs some support, but she's able to sit by herself for a little while which she loves. She just wants to be involved in everything.

At 5 months old Azure:

~ is very against solid food still.
~ has started sleeping in her super awesome room that is my favorite room in the house.
~ is very happy. She smiles all the time.
~ is completely enamored with her brother.
~ rolls onto her belly and scoots around some.
~ has gained a pound and is now 15 lbs 3 oz, but didn't gain any height this time. Still 25.5 inches. She's on the gain a pound then an inch every other month program.
~ loves her daddy and mommy too.
~ likes to be held.
~ Never. Stops. Moving. Ever.
~ is extremely sweet and very kissable.
~ enjoys bath-time.
~ doesn't care much for getting her clothes changed, but tolerates it better than she used to.
~ is extremely alert and observant. She's always watching everything going on around her.
~ and is wonderful in every way. We love our girl!