Thursday, September 22, 2011

For Great Grandma Garrison

My grandma, Cormac's Great Grandma, recently took a spill that required surgery. She's doing well from what I understand, but as we all know or have heard, recovery from surgery is miserable. I know for me, one of the things that makes me feel better is this little boy I have running around my house here. I figured it might do the same for her. I mean, how could looking at her darling great grandson do anything else right? Besides, I have been horrible at keeping up this summer and thought you might all enjoy a little preview of what the hot months of summer held for us.

Cormac is obsessed with shoes. Especially Daddy's.

We hiked up to this awesome little natural hot springs up the canyon in Spanish Fork. It was really fun. There are water falls and little man made pools (made with rocks) to catch the warm and cold water for little dips that are just the right temperature. Cormac loves water. We were planning just to wade in it, but we couldn't keep him out of it, so we figured we should just let him go for it.

This is where he discovered mud at the bottom of the pool. A little boy's dream come true. Bathtub warm water in the great outdoors and mud. What more could a kid ask for?

He had it everywhere. And that poor diaper was so full. We didn't bring a swim diaper, but since we weren't alone we left the diaper on. Those things really absorb, I'm surprised he could walk.

Cormac loves to be helpful. Here are a few shots from when we were out visiting Ammon's parents in Nevada. Cormac helped Grandma pick the green beans for dinner from the green house.

Not the greatest picture since the bush is blocking Coralee and Cormac is clearly in his own world, but it's the best I got of both of them paying attention to the camera (sort of).

Cormac loves to climb. He, unfortunately, figured out how to climb up the slide. As you can see it's a tall one. Once he got to the top he'd get scared and need help making it to a sitting position. My solution was to go inside and pretend the slide wasn't there anymore after I'd gone down with him a few times. But Ammon is a little more creative.

Cormac really wanted to ride this tricycle, but he was a bit small. I had pulled him around for a while and got tired of bending over him, so I went into Mark's shop and found a rope to tie to the handle bars. Just like leading a horse around. . . right? I also got tired of that activity, but lucky for Cormac he had Grandma there to take over. Spoiled little guy. He sure loves attention.

Cormac with the two Ammon's. Little Ammon is not so little. He is nearly a year younger than Cormac and has caught up to him in weight. Just like his namesake. You know, big and round.

Another great thing about Grandma and Grandpa's is that there are plenty of hats to be found. Cormac found this one and we found Cormac wearing it around the house. So cute.

At home again. Helping out with the laundry. I think he looks good in Daddy's shirt.

We often have to hide Cormac's helmet. He loves to go on bike rides. He'll find his helmet, get it on, and then head for the door. Next summer I think he'll be needing a tricycle of his own.

Feel better? I'm pretty sure that face can cure almost anything that ails you. I know it works wonders for me. He just turned 23 months. Can you believe it? We are about to have a 2 year old. But this poor little boy is in for a shock when his little SISTER gets here. That's right, we are expecting a girl. At least we are 90% sure we are. Her foot was in the way during the ultrasound, but from what we could see both the tech and the doctor (during two different ultrasounds) independently thought it was a girl. And both Ammon and I have thought girl the whole time. So, we are now buying pink. This little girl is super active. She wouldn't hold still during the ultrasound, and for the last 2 weeks now I've been able to feel her move. I have a feeling she's going to cause me some internal pain here in another month or so. But she's got to keep up with her big brother somehow. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Pregnancy has returned insomnia to me, so maybe I'll get better at updating my blog. I've always been better at updating in the middle of the night for some reason.

Get better Grandma. We love you and hope your recovery is speedy.