Saturday, June 22, 2013

Family Picture Overload

I put these up on Facebook, but since my parents avoid it, and Ammon's parents aren't really users either I figured I'd post them here for those interested parties to also enjoy.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


We just got a back a couple days ago from a week long trip to Old Nauvoo. Ammon's parents are serving a mission there, so we thought it would be a good time to go see them and the sights. It's about 20 hours in the car one way. Makes for a lot of fun with a 3 and 1 year old. They did better than I thought, but no, they didn't sleep much on the way. My kids don't sleep in the car. Now, if you've been reading this blog much since I've had kids you'll know that if there's one thing I like to do it's share a lot (and I do mean a lot) of pictures of my beautiful children. Well, this is going to be an excellent example of that. I'm keeping the words brief, but am going to share a lot of pictures. And believe it or not, I was really picky. There are a lot that aren't going to make it. So buckle up.

We took 2 days to drive to Nauvoo. On the second day we stopped at Winter Quarters in Iowa.

Following in the missionary's footsteps. I know, cheesy, but I couldn't help myself.

The next day we were able to go to Carthage with Elder and Sister Dahl. After church of course. That is a humbling and spiritual place to be. I certainly gained a greater love and respect for the Prophet Joseph and the early Saints while on our trip.

Early the next day we were privileged to take a wagon ride with Elder Dahl. Sister Dahl narrated.

Sister Dahl also made these super cute pioneer hats for her grandchildren. The kids love their hats.

Our horses that day were Chad and Champ; 2 of Elder Dahl's favorites.

We all stepped back to get a picture of Azure with Chad and Champ. I guess she didn't like that plan.

The children loved playing at Pioneer Past-times. They had lots of games and fun things for the kids to enjoy. This little horse was a favorite for both kids.

That night we attended Sunset by the Missisippi. Which is a variety show put on by the missionaries. It was a lot of fun. The kids loved it. The kids got to make hats and then participate in a parade before the show.

Early the next morning we got the kids out of bed to watch the horses come in. The kids were still in their pajamas and everything. You can see the horses in the background waiting for the gate to be opened.

Once the gate is opened all 20 of the horses run down the street and go straight to their place either outside as shown here, or inside the barn. Then they get their halters with their names put on and get brushed and ready for the day.

Elder Dahl is serving as the lead teamster at the moment and he sure knows these horses well. In fact he's the one who got the horses trained up to just run into their places in the morning.

Azure loved the horses. A LOT. Cormac did too, but from a distance. He had no desire to get that close. Here's Azure and Grandpa making friends with Champ.

We went around to some of the various sites after that. The kids mostly just wanted to run around outside, but after 20 hours in the car it's really not surprising.

Yet another visit to Pioneer Past-times.

While there the band stopped by and led another parade that Cormac participated in.

Then we headed over and took a carriage ride. Unfortunately our camera card was full and I didn't get a picture of those horses and that ride. Elder Dahl drove and narrated for us, which was really special. Our horses were Tim and Tom the other team that is a favorite to Elder Dahl. Later that day we went to the Women's garden. There were so many lovely statues honoring women, but I liked this one best; especially with such a cute new walker in the background.

Next we went and saw "High Hopes and River Boats" which was a lot of fun.

Then late that night we were able to attend "Rendezvous." This is a show that the senior missionaries put on every evening. And our own Elder and Sister Dahl have starring roles as Jed and Annie. They were magnificent. Sister Dahl has also been serving as the director of "Rendezvous" which is a tall order, but she is doing a marvelous job. The kids were pretty tired since it was bed time when it started, but they enjoyed the show.

After the show we met a few of the other couples that are good friends with Elder and Sister Dahl, including the Calls. Before I knew what was happening Sister Call had taken off her bonnet and placed it on my head and then her shawl and her little hand bag. I was looking mighty fine.

The next day Elder and Sister Dahl had p-day so we set out to see some things with them. On the way out the door we saw a barge on the Mississippi. Cormac called them "barge boats."

First we went and saw the Nauvoo temple. We took the kids and took pictures. Then later during nap time Ammon and I were able to go back to attend a session while the kids stayed with their grandparents. I'm so thankful they were willing to do that. Being in that temple was by far my favorite experience  while we were there. What a remarkable building. I can't believe the amount of sacrifice that must have gone into the construction. And then to just walk away and leave it all behind just months after it was completed. Amazes me. I'm so thankful it has been rebuilt. Such a truly amazing building. The workmanship is so beautiful.

These peonies are at the Sarah Granger Kimball home. Beautiful garden. That was probably my favorite house. I love it, and I enjoyed hearing about the remarkable woman Sarah was.

We were also able to take a ride with the oxen.

That evening we went into town for dinner at the Hotel Nauvoo. It was a neat building as well.

And the last sight we saw before heading home was the graveyard where the Smith family now rests. Such a beautiful place.

Then it was back to Elder and Sister Dahl's home. We sat out by the river and saw pelicans and threw rocks into the water.

That house behind the bench is where the Dahls are living. So close to the water.

The kids and I walked down to Parley Street where the Saints gathered to cross the Mississippi all those years ago. We saw the statue there and the wagon.

Then we went back and packed our things ready to make the long trek home thankful that we were able to do it in a motorized vehicle and not on foot with a wagon and oxen. I'm so thankful for the sacrifice of those early Saints. I'm thankful they paved the way so I could have the gospel and the good life that I have today.

I'm sorry I used a lot of jargon common in our church. If you want some clarification let me know. And if you want to know more check out or