Saturday, December 15, 2012

9 Months Old

Our little Azure is getting older, but not really getting bigger. She just keeps working her way down on the percentile scale.

Azure was so annoyed at me for this picture. First off I wouldn't let her take off her headband. She officially despises wearing one. And I made her lay down. Something else she rather dislikes unless she is asleep. But if you have been keeping up you may notice that she and the lamb are staying at about the same proportions to one another. It is a strange thing, but this little girl has slowed way way down. She's still losing weight even.

At 9 months Azure:
~ weighs in at 15 lbs 8 oz (the 12th percentile);
~ is 26.25 inches tall (the 6th percentile, this one shocked me, I thought all my kids would be super tall for their entire lives);
~ is all over the place. She loves to crawl and get into stuff;
~ has started pulling herself up on everything;
~ follows me around the house;
~ really isn't ticklish, except on rare occasion when she decides she is;
~ is always happy (except when she's not, and then she's really really not, but that's rare);
~ hates her carseat;
~ is not a fan of carrots, sweet potato, and other nightshade veggies;
~ loves her family, especially her brother;
~ flirts with strangers at every chance. Everywhere we go we get people admiring her. Ammon says we need to watch carefully because people are going to try to steal her. I don't blame them. I'd try to steal her if she wasn't mine;
~ isn't growing much, except for her hair. She is definitely growing hair finally. But it is blonde so you still can't see it. Blonde, thin, and wispy. Never thought I'd have a child with hair like that;
~ adores Cormac. A lot. He can get her laughing so much more than anybody else. And he usually isn't trying;

~ cracks me up all day long;
~ loves to get into things (she is so very curious about everything);
~ hates to have her diaper changed. I think it's the combination of having to be still and lie down;
~ is still always in motion;
~ does NOT cuddle;
~ hates having her nose wiped;
~ claps her hands and shakes her head along with anyone else, even waves occasionally;
~ is full of personality;
~ will not be deterred, she is determined;
~ can get out of anything. She's sort of an escape artist.

To illustrate the above point let me share a story. A couple days ago we had some errands to run. We ended up at Walmart where I put Cormac in the basket of the shopping cart and Azure in the front part as usual. But unlike usual Azure discovered she could turn around and stand up if she held on to the back of that front part. And naturally I had grabbed a cart with a broken strap. So I gave in and placed her in the basket with Cormac (it was super sweet actually, she was standing up at the front of the cart looking out and loving every minute, Cormac was sitting behind her looking in that direction also, but with his knee and his arm protectively around her so she wouldn't fall, he's a good brother, usually).

The next day we had a few more errands and ended up first at Target. I found a cart with a strap and got my girl all strapped in. As I was going through the store I got distracted by a rack of pajamas. When I turned back to my cart Azure had pulled her feet up onto the seat, was standing with the whole seat collapsing on her, and was wiggling her way out of her seat belt. So I sat her back down. And she did it again. So I sat her back down and held her in place long enough to tighten the belt. . . a lot. Crazy girl. The next stop found us at Costco. As soon as we walked in Cormac started asking for pizza. Since it was lunch time I agreed. We got pizza and were sitting at the table eating. Except for Azure who I left in the cart and would feed little yogurt bites to on occasion. I had been helping Cormac when I turned to feed Azure some more. She had stood up, turned around, and was bent over the back of the seat with  her head dangling towards the basket of the cart and her feet and bum clear up in the air. Scared me to death. I don't know how she managed it. She was strapped tight. I guess not tight enough.

She's a character I tell you. I sure love this little girl. She bring so much joy to every day of our lives. Can't imagine life without her.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oldies but Goodies

I grabbed a whole bunch of pictures off my phone. Some of them are rather old, but I thought I'd share anyway. I thought a certain set of grandparents who are serving in Navuoo might enjoy them.

Back in August when she was just figuring out this crawling thing.

First ride in a swing, back in about July or so.

Not sure when this was exactly, but isn't she cute in her stroller?

Yes, you will be wearing one the rest of your life. Sorry dude. At least you don't have really long hair to deal with.
Cormac's birthday, a nice big ice cream Sunday.

Want some, Daddy?

Buzz to the rescue?

We got to take a ride on the Nightmare Express that our neighbor's do each year. So very fun.

Look at those eyes!