Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pig Tails and Teeth

A lot of new things have been happening for Azure. A couple weeks ago she took her first steps. That same week she got her first tooth. Now she has a total of 2 teeth. Yesterday she decided that she was pretty excited about walking and really started to embrace it. Today she hardly crawled at all. She was determined to walk as much as she could. AND her hair is finally long enough to start doing a few things with (very few, but still a few). So I broke out the camera to capture Azure's first pigtails. And naturally her brother got in the way of the camera. Very excited to be there. But not really showing it.

But she did get her turn finally.

They stayed in all day. We were having a little snack before bed and I decided to take the pigtails out. Then Azure gave me the look she always gives the second I grab the camera.

But we managed to capture one with a bit more of a smile and have proof of the aforementioned tooth.

Cormac was eager to show his teeth as well.

And one more of her "say cheese" face because it truly cracks me up.

It's been a busy couple of weeks for this little gal. She cracks us up all the time. So much personality in such a tiny body. Way to go Azy.