Monday, April 25, 2011

All Grown Up

Cormac is growing at the speed of light. He enjoyed his first Easter Egg hunt yesterday morning. And Ammon and I enjoyed our first Sunday in a long time without Cormac climbing all over us during Sunday school and Priesthood/Relief Society. Aaahhh.

That's right friends, our little man has reached the magical age of 18 months. And even though I felt guilty and like I was getting away with something during Sunday School, I'm pretty excited that Cormac can finally burn some energy and I can conserve some during church (it was a lot of work to keep that kid quiet).

So here are some Cormac things for you to know:

~ It is difficult to get a picture of this kid.
~ On that same topic, Cormac loves to glare at the camera. He is very careful not to smile (which is funny because a year ago he was such a ham. When we'd get out the camera he'd start to smile for it).
~ The kid is growing.
     ~ 27.5 pounds (about 75th percentile)
     ~ 34.25 inches (about the 95th percentile)
     ~ 18.75 head circumference (about 50th percentile)
~ Cormac loves to climb. His new favorite is climbing up in a kitchen chair and using the table to hold his sippy cup in between sips.
~ He loves to be outside. It can get very dramatic around here when it's time to go in.
~ He says: bye bye, mama, dada, uh-oh, no no no no (he can't just say it once), gang go (thank you), and occasionally eeee (please). He has also attempted saying things like all done, basketball, and whack-a-mole (don't ask).
~ If he's thirsty he goes to the fridge and waits for me to open and get his sippy cup.
~ If he's hungry he goes to the pantry door and knocks.
~ Cormac likes to close doors. He hasn't figured out how to open them just yet, but he's close.
~ He loves slides and swings.
~ Cormac likes to play Ring Around the Rosies by himself (he doesn't like it when I try to play with him, he just wants me to sing).
~ He's finally getting a lot of hair (and it's much lighter than I expected).
~ This kid has perfected the art of fit throwing (to all those moms who were judged by me in the past because your kid was throwing a tantrum in public please consider this my formal apology).
~ He is one funny boy.

I love how hard he is concentrating on the bear in this picture. He cracks me up. One more thing, Cormac loves to try to figure out how things work and he is very independent. He loves an audience, but he wants to do things by himself. And when he is trying to figure out how to do things and is concentrating hard he looks exactly like his daddy. Who, by-the-way, he loves to follow around. When Ammon was putting the floor in the yoga studio (more on that later) Cormac just wanted to use the hammer on the floor right next to his daddy. And the play hammer was only good enough for a couple minutes.

He's sure a handsome little man. He's growing up too fast. But with each new stage I have been having so much fun. It's amazing how some days he wakes up and just seems so much older than he was the day before. But he is a good boy and we are so glad to have him.