Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pointless Post

I feel like most of my posts these days are pointless. Not the kind of pointless like they are a waste of time necessarily (although I'm sure that could be argued), but the kind of pointless where there is simply no point. I just post random pictures and thoughts. The end. But to be truthful it's probably a pretty good representation of my life right now. Meandering and random. Just getting through one day at a time.

I saw the doctor yesterday. Baby girl is growing right on track. And apparently very comfy in there. The doctor will be surprised if she shows up before 39 weeks (I'm 37). Drat. I was hoping to be done. I feel like my life is sort of on hold at the moment. I have managed to accomplish basically everything I wanted to before her arrival. So now I just need her to arrive. While we have been waiting we have been doing a lot of movie watching in our pjs.

I'm not proud of it. But that's about all I have some days. Most days. I'm tired and worn out. Poor Cormac misses his mom I think. I do too.

We did manage to get enough snow to finally take Cormac out in the sled that he got for Christmas. I pulled him down the driveway to the hill. The sled then didn't go down the hill on it's own so I had to pull it both down and up the hill. We only did two trips down the hill before I decided it wasn't worth it. We were back in where it was warm within 15 minutes. Maybe next time Ammon can take him.

We have been preparing for baby girl, of course. In the meantime we dug out all the binkies. Cormac rejected his binkie at 7 months and never looked back, until recently. I had to hide them all again because suddenly he thinks he needs one. Strange kid. And the shoes? Well, Target was having a sale on ruby slippers for less than $4. I couldn't resist. I know she won't be able to wear them until she's 3 or 4, but they were so cute. So I brought them home. They are a couple sizes too big for Cormac, but he found them and needed them. He has been wearing them around the house a lot lately. In fact he wore them during his nap one day because I couldn't get them off of him. Crazy kid. I think Ammon has hidden them away. I have tried to raise his son right. I really have.

And in parting, I tried to get a few pictures of Cormac smiling. He really does smile, but not when you bring out a camera. This is the best that I've gotten.

He's talking more and more. That has been fun for us. The other day I was taking a drink and it went down wrong. As I was coughing to get the water out Cormac came in and started patting the back of my leg and asking, "Are you okay?" I about choked again. He's really growing up these last few weeks. I have a feeling that's going to continue when number 2 arrives.

And that my friends is the conclusion of this random and pointless post. I hope you enjoyed your glance into our little life.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nursery Preview - The Tree

A funny thing happened to me last night. Ammon had a basketball game. I usually go to watch him play. I love to watch him play. But the game was at 8:00pm and since Cormac no longer naps (a constant source of anxiety in my life) I thought it'd be best for him to get to bed. I didn't want to deal with a grumpy Cormac all day today. So while Ammon was gone I started making fabric flowers. Earlier in the day I had completed a mobile for the baby's room. I had also started crocheting another hat after finishing my second afghan since learning to read a pattern.

Ammon came in the house after his game (which they won) and sat watching me a minute. Then he said, "You're crafty." I never thought those words would be used to describe me. Then I started thinking about it. Thanks to various craft blogs that I read and Pinterest I suppose I have become crafty. In fact, I think I've become one of those crafty Mormon mommys. If you'd have asked me 10 years ago I never would have seen myself here, but alas here I am. And I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I'm so very happy and blessed. And yes, maybe a little crafty when I want to be (thanks to the brilliant people who post tutorials all over the web).

So when I started planning the nursery I decided I needed a tree. I wanted to do something like this:

I was especially in love with the second picture. How cool to have pop out flowers on the wall. I loved the feel it gave. So I was lamenting to my neighbor one day about this tree. I didn't have a projector to get the image up on the wall for me to trace. I have no skills to free hand something like that (I guess I'm not so much crafty as resourceful maybe). I had been looking into vinyl trees, but they were expensive. Then she volunteered her husband. I wasn't sure how Brandon would feel about that, but as it turned out he's an artist that doesn't get to use his skill as much as he'd like, and he was rather excited to do it. 

So after the bustle of the holidays we got to work on The Tree. And by "we" I mean Brandon. Eliza would come and visit with me on the couch, the kids ran around wild and made a glorious mess, and Brandon would go straight to work. We did this for a few hours a few days a week. And the results have been amazing. I'm in love (with the tree, although the Elmers are wonderful too).

The first coat up!

And the finished product.
Another view.
And with a few flowers up.
My challenge now is to decide if I want to put up flowers or not. I made these fabric roses to just test it out. Ammon wasn't a fan. He said it was weird because those flowers would never grow on that kind of tree. Fair enough. He also likes the tree as it is. I like the pop of color, but am not sure either. What do you think? Or maybe I should make a different kind of flower. Something more realistic. Apricot blooms or something.

A close up of my favorite of the flowers.
If you'd like to hire my artist let me know. I'll get you his information. I kind of like thinking I have an artist. The tree is perfect. I love the way it looks. Sometimes I go downstairs just to look at it. And the best part is that it is 100% custom and I did nothing to get it there. So awesome. I guess we are nearly ready for this girl to get here. She certainly couldn't have come before the tree was up.

And for your viewing pleasure (no not a picture of Cormac, I'll post some of those soon) a view of the cute mobile I made. I love how it turned out, this picture doesn't do it justice.

Stay tuned for news of the older brother and all his comings and goings. Also, a full look at the beautiful nursery. It has turned out so very cute. You won't want to miss it. Just 3 weeks and 3 days to go!