Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For You Fans of the Young Dahls

April has been much the same for us. More plumbing issues and more sickness. I'm convinced that 2013 is out to get us. So far it has been a little rough. But we are doing well all things considered. And we are happy. Which is worth a lot.

There isn't too much of note to report for this month. I did run a 5k this last weekend. It was only my second one (the first was the Kiss Me Dirty, and I don't really think it counts too much). My friend Megan and I ran the whole thing, and did it faster than I thought we would. It was a lot of fun. I'm really liking doing them. Anyway, my favorite part was getting glimpses of my family while I was going. They would cut across the grounds (we did this one at Thanksgiving Point) to cheer us on along the course. During one of these times Cormac called after me, "Run, Mommy, Run!" It was awesome. And motivating. I think he wanted to run with me. We'll have to do one together some day.

I guess the other news is that I hacked off all my hair. It's never been this short. It is a very dramatic change, but I'm enjoying it. And don't worry, I'm sure I'll grow it back out again. It's what I do. Grow it and chop it, repeat. The weather has been nice this last week. We are working on getting a garden going this year; which I'm excited about.

But I know why you all actually come to this blog. So I'll spare you my other random stories and give you what you came for. . .

Fun in the hammock on a beautiful day:

Fun in the tub:

Cormac's "say cheese" face.

Big eyed babies.

Fun on the piano:

Aspiring pianist.
And that brings you up to speed on us. I still have adorable kids. And we are still hanging in there.