Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Craft

A few weeks ago I saw a cute little art project that my friend had posted on her blog. She and her toddler had made these cute signs:

Well, after I put away my Halloween decorations I broke out the Thanksgiving decor. Let's just say the collection was dismal. We needed something else. So I thought we'd get crafty. Jenny had made hers on cardboard using art paint. Well, I didn't have cardboard, and I didn't want to buy paint. But if there is something we have around here it's lots and lots of random pieces of wood and board and more paint than we know what to do with. I used paint samples on a piece of plywood type stuff that I found outside. Worked pretty well. But next time we'll wait until it's nice outside and we can do it in the grass. My floor was a mess!

I tried to cut out the shape of a leaf in potatoes. Yeah, that was horrible. But Cormac just wanted to swirl the paint anyway, so my failed artistic ability didn't really matter too much in the end.

I dipped the first potato in paint and handed it to Cormac. What did he do? Put it in his mouth of course. Then dropped it on his foot while spitting everywhere. It drives me crazy. At dinner I'll try to give him something new to try and he won't let it close to his mouth. He acts like I'm trying to poison him. Then I hand him something like a raw potato with paint and without even thinking he shoves it in his mouth. Crazy little boy.

If you've ever seen my paint clothes, or seen me after a paint project you know that I can't do anything (even just a touch up job) that involves paint without getting it all over myself. I'm so proud of my son. He has learned well as you can clearly see.

And the finished product. I think it adds a nice festive flare. It was a lot of fun. Cormac loved every minute of it. Even the bath and shower afterward.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just a Couple Pictures

This post does not have a story line. I just felt the need to share a couple pictures. Cormac loves his new boots, pictured above. He even wears them with his pajamas. It's very fashionable.

He also loves to be a big helper around the house. Especially if he gets to help his dad. Lately when I put on my apron to begin my culinary arts he needs an apron as well. He loves to watch the mixer go. He also enjoys seeing water boil. But he hates to get his hands dirty. I thought he'd enjoy helping me gut a pumpkin the other day. He did not. If it's not dirt I guess it shouldn't be in his hands. Funny boy.

And because I don't write about anything other than Cormac these days I have a story that does not involve him for you. Lately when I go shopping I catch myself not unloading the car all the way when we get home. If the large package of whatever it is isn't perishable why get it out right away? So the other day I bought toilet paper and left it in the trunk for later. Well, later came and the toilet paper was needed. It was very late one night and extremely dark. Ammon was sweet enough to go out in the cold to retrieve the package. When he reached the trunk of the car he saw the package of toilet paper and at first glance thought the the package read "Adventure Pack." Unfortunately it isn't nearly as awesome as that, it's just an "Advantage Pack," but it begs the question, why don't they make "Adventure Packs" for toilet paper. I mean, why not right?

Hee Haw Farms

Because we are typically lame and cheap, we don't go places very often. But since we didn't have much of a birthday for Cormac and weren't planning to trick-or-treat much we decided to hit up the Hee Haw Farms here close-by when we found a coupon for it. To be honest it is over priced, even with a coupon. The place is a dump. But they had animals and hay rides and things. Cormac had a good time, so it was worth it.

Cormac loved this slide. It was enormous. I went down with him once. It was a little intense for my pregnant belly because we hit a big bump on the way down. But Cormac was in heaven.

Another favorite was the various tractor type things he could climb on. He had a great time just sitting on this thing. He was very offended when we decided to move on.

I think he enjoyed the hayrides and this little tractor pull ride the most. I know you can't tell by the expression on his face, but he really did love it.

This was the best we could do for a family picture. It's hard to get a toddler to sit still long enough to snap a picture when there are so many things to look at. And sitting like this is not flattering to my pregnant body, but for the sake of allowing the world to see that we are a complete family here we are.

I know, my shadow is in the way, but I had to snap this picture fast before he moved on. Anyway, it was a fun time for the most part. At least through the eyes of our toddler it was fun. We picked out a couple pumpkins for Halloween and played in the box full of corn. Then we watched the BYU football game (actually Cormac and I napped and Ammon watched the game). Not a bad day all said and done.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cormac turned 2 last month

Our boy is getting older. He's such a funny kid. He makes me laugh every single day. I'm so glad he's here. His birthday was pretty low key this year. Cormac has a horrible time sharing his toys. I had thought about a party, but realized that he would just be upset and in trouble the whole time since there would be kids there playing with his toys. Rather than have my son in time out for his entire birthday party we decided to skip the traditional party. Instead Cormac and I met a few friends and their mom's at the park to play and eat cupcakes:

Cormac really loved the cake part but didn't like the frosting on top. All the other kids ate the frosting and left the rest of their cupcake. Such a strange boy. He loves his chocolate.

That night I made homemade macaroni and cheese because Cormac loves mac and cheese. He wouldn't eat any of it. I guess he only likes it from a box. Then we broke out more cupcakes and put a couple candles in one. When Ammon and I started singing Happy Birthday Cormac fell apart. He just started bawling until we stopped singing. I wish I would have gotten it recorded. It was so funny. Poor boy. He just wanted his cupcake.

For his birthday Cormac got an awesome tricycle. The kid is in Heaven every time he gets a chance to ride on it. It's an outside toy, but luckily it has been a pretty nice Fall and we've had a lot of chances to go outside for him to ride.

Things about Cormac that I want to remember at age 2:
~Still not speaking hardly any English. But sure is speaking. He'll talk your ear off; you just can't understand him.
~Cormac loves trains. He loves making the train noise. He says "chupta, chupta, chupta, choo, choo." Half the time he makes the "choo, choo" noise in the back of his throat.
~He is still a picky eater. I can always tell when he's going through a growth spurt because he'll actually eat, but for the most part he eats very few foods which drives me crazy.
~ He can do summersaults.
~ Cormac is learning to jump. He gets his upper body really into it, but his feet barely leave the ground.
~ He is in the 95th percentile for height at 37.5 inches, 50th for weight at 28 lbs.
~ Cormac loves to have his teeth brushed and flossed. So much so that if we forget one of them he gets extremely offended.
~ This boy has mastered fit throwing. He gets over it faster than he used to, but he can sure throw a good fit when he feels his life is not in harmony with how he wants it.
~ Cormac loves to play with cars.
~ He's very curious and likes to figure things out.
~ He listens well and throws things away when asked, picks up his toys when asked, and even lays down in the right spot when you tell him it's time to change his diaper.
~ This boy loves to be tickled. A lot. And any time he can climb on Daddy he's happy.
~Speaking of his daddy, Cormac loves to follow Ammon around and "help" with all his projects and imitate all his actions.
~He's very affectionate. He gives hugs and kisses when asked. And he'll just spontaneously run up and hug your leg when he feels like it. He also likes to give kisses to the random kitchen appliances and various doors around the house.

And we are so glad he's here. I think he's going to be an awesome big brother once he gets used to the idea. He loves to be helpful. He is sure a sweet boy. I'm so glad he's mine.

Remember how I destroyed Ammon's hair once. . .

Do you remember a couple years ago when I wrote this post about cutting Ammon's hair way way way too short? I mentioned in that post that perhaps I should never cut Cormac's hair after that mess. Well, Cormac was bald for a long time so it wasn't a concern. Then he needed his first haircut and Ammon took the scissors and did an amazing job. But it was time for a cut again:

He wasn't very happy with me when I took this picture, but you can see that his hair is long. It was coming over his ears. We had been putting off the haircut when one day I decided that I had had enough. I got out the clippers, put on an attachment that I thought would be sufficiently long for his little head, and then took a pass at the back of his head. Oops. He was nearly bald in that spot. So I went up a size and finished the job. When I told Ammon the sizes I used he just laughed at me.

It is safe to assume that I will not be opening a barber shop anytime soon. Cormac still looks handsome. Actually the short cut makes him look so much older. But it's still much shorter than I had ever intended. Oh well. It grows.