Monday, January 20, 2014

Let's Catch Up

So I have realized that I'm a failure when it comes to taking pictures. I have very few to represent the last 2.5 months. Anyway, we had a lovely, but crazy busy holiday season. I must admit that I'm glad it's over.

First we spent Thanksgiving with Ammon's family. It was a lot of fun. So much so that I didn't take any pictures. But we always enjoy time spent with all those wonderful people.

Then it was my 30th birthday. I had thought Ammon had nothing planned, but to make a long story short, I was very wrong. We dropped the kids off with my sister and her hubby in Vegas for 3 days while we went on to Palm Desert. It was so fun. Thanks Sera and Darrin. You guys are awesome. And of course thanks to Ammon. He's so good at keeping a secret. I had no clue.

The view from our room. We could see 4 of the 7 pools.

The Hyatt Regency. So fun. I highly recommend it.
We left Palm Desert a nice wonderful 70 something degrees to drive home in a horrible horrible blizzard. We had over a foot of snow when we got home (there was none and it was rather fall like out when we left). Then it got really really cold. We were home only a couple days when we were scheduled to take a train ride to the North Pole. Our neighbors put it on every year. It's a lot of fun.

Cormac had to ride a car in front of the rest of us. But he still enjoyed it.

It was really freezing cold.

Cormac had been talking for days about how he was going to ask Santa for a new "Planes" bike. But when he got up there he froze. I was afraid he'd forget, but at the last minute he remembered and got his request in.

Azure wanted nothing to do with Santa.
Azure has taken to wearing Cormac's boots every opportunity she gets. Cormac actually takes every opportunity he can to get upside down. Funny kids.

Then my family came and we celebrated Christmas early. Then later the wedding of my cousin. It was nice to have a bunch of us together. We missed Darrin and Nick.

The snow was horrible for snow man building, but these two gave it their best shot. Our poor snowman face planted the next day because of all the heavy snowfall.

Ammon's specialty is snow forts. So naturally they made one of those as well.

Christmas Eve was upon us all too soon. The kids wrote a letter to Santa with Daddy's help, in their new Christmas jammies of course.

Azure got some fun new dishes for Christmas. She had her first tea party.

We've made huge progress on our closet. It's finally usable. The kids love climbing in there. All that's left is the paint.

I love her face in this one. Cormac stood right at the wrong time, but I had to include it anyway.
These 2 kids are really good friends. They always sit close when they watch movies and they love to play and dress up together.

Azure likes to wear her crown backward which cracks me up. It's how the cool princesses do it now.

And lastly, here is the hat I made for Az. And her gorgeous big brown eyes.

And you're caught up. I'm just glad we are finally slowing down and getting back into a routine. Christmas with kids is wonderful, but being the mom is a lot of work.