Monday, February 20, 2012

Azure Dahl

She's here. We are all tired but doing pretty well. We have named her Azure. No middle name. She came fast and is rather bruised on her face as a result. She still had lots of vernix on her as well; fun combo. She's amazing and we are so glad she's here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Nursery

It's finished. Or at least as finished as it's going to be. I'm sure there are additions that will happen as time goes on, but really, the nursery is done. I love that room right now. I think it's so fun. So first I'll show you some of the details that went into putting the room together.

You've already seen the tree, but here's a quick view of the tree with the flowers that I picked out:

I really love the way the flowers add a feminine touch to the tree. I think they are sweet. I wanted a dresser for her, so I found one on KSL and then found a mirror at DI that I thought would work well. Here's the before and after of those:


I painted it and then we added new hardware. Ammon had to fix all of the tracks as well so the drawers would come in and out smoothly and not fall out. He did a great job.
Not a great picture, sorry.

Next I wanted a place to hang up her hair bows. I had seen a frame with chicken wire to hang them on at Kid to Kid, but they wanted nearly $20 for it. Well, we have chicken wire. And we have paint. All I needed was a frame. I found this one at DI for $2.

And then I decided to make a blanket to go in her room as well. The quilt that Ammon's mom is making for this baby girl is beautiful. I based all the colors in the room off of it. I decided that I wanted to bring out some different colors rather than just pink. So I made this afghan a burnt orange.

Here is the cradle (another KSL find, I maybe need more to do or less?). We hung the butterfly mobile right over the top as well.

And just to remind you, this is what this room originally looked like:

Thank you for your patience. And now for the finished product:

It's hard to tell, but the walls are all green. It's called Key Lime green. One of my favorite colors I've ever used. I love it. It's ready for our sweet little girl. I can't wait for her to get here. Only 6 days left to my due date. I sure hope we don't go that long. The clothes are washed and folded. Everything is in it's place. But like the doctor said, if I weren't so prepared she'd be sure to come. Too true.

Baby Shower

I have awesome friends. I really do. These two lovely ladies got together to throw me a baby shower. It was such a great time. We had a good turn out and all I can say is that this little girl is going to be very well dressed.

Suzanne, Joslyn, and me. These two threw an awesome shower. So glad that I have them.
The shower was thrown in my yoga studio next to the house. It looked amazing. The food was all fantastic as well. So yummy.

Joslyn designed this cake and her sister-in-law made it. So much talent.

Then we got started. Joslyn welcomed everyone and then Suzanne got everyone started on our activity. Instead of shower games we made felt flowers. It was so awesome. It was nice to get a few more fun things to put in this little gals hair as well.

It was wonderful to visit with so many friends and family members. I felt very spoiled, and as you can see we really were showered.

So, growing up my mom used to tell me that I was very expressive. In fact it was sometimes a problem. I wear my emotions right on my face. Which can get me into trouble if I'm annoyed or otherwise in a bad mood. It's something I've been working on. But apparently when opening gifts for little girls I'm not so good at it. I was cracking up as I looked at all the different ridiculous faces I made while opening presents. Check it out:

Funny stuff. It was a really wonderful party. I felt so loved and supported. Now if I could just get this little girl here life would be great. Thanks to everyone who came and showered us with so many wonderful gifts. It was a really great time. And a very big thank you to Joslyn and Suzanne. You guys are the greatest. So glad that I have such wonderful friends.