Sunday, June 5, 2011

Eating with a spoon and other such adventures

Sorry mom, it took me a whole week longer to get this up than I had planned. We are busy bees around here. Please ignore my messy house. And even worse, my in-need-of-love yard. We are whittling away at our to-do list. But there are some things that are constant (read weeds).

And just in case you are wondering, things are good here. We are nearly finished with the yoga studio. Well, finished enough that I'm going to hold a Grand Opening Party soon and begin to advertise. I do have a few regular students attending right now, but am anxious to grow the business. I love how it has turned out. I never would have guessed it would look so great. Pictures will be up when I announce the Grand Opening.

Ammon is working three jobs with only one pay. He is very in demand. Fortunately he's brilliant and is able to handle all the work load that has been dumped in his lap. But it does make for some long days for him. And for Cormac and me as well. We miss him when he's gone.

Cormac has decided he hates going to nursery. He screams when we drop him off. But apparently cheers as the days goes on. It's hard to leave our screaming child though. I don't care for that much. Cormac still isn't saying much, but he is communicating effectively with body language. Correction, Cormac says a lot, but very little of it can actually be understood. The kid cracks us up regularly.

Anyway, I just discovered a video that I made last summer that I never shared. It was of the two family reunions we went to. (I think we went to more than two, but these are pictures from just two). It's fun to look at the pictures and see how much the kids have grown. So I think I'll share it here as well. Happy Sunday.