Monday, May 12, 2014

My Crochet Obsession

I wanted to post a few more of my projects. It's my obsession, and I like to have a record since I rarely keep anything I make.

These are some fun baby booties I made. I thought they turned out cute, but they were rather small so I hope they fit the sweet baby girl. They are sitting on top of the shawl from the next few pictures.

This is a shawl I made for Ammon's Grandmother for Mother's Day. I love how it turned out. I really loved seeing it on her, but I failed to get any pictures of her in it. She is a lovely woman. It was really fun to make something for someone so deserving. She has made so many wonderful things for her kids and grandkids. I thought it might be nice for her to have something in return.

This is my first crochet lace project I have finished. I'm working on a tablecloth, but it may be another year before it's done.

Another reason it's going to take me a year on that tablecloth is that I keep taking time off from it to do other projects. Like this sweet sweater for my sweet Azure.

And my obsession rages on...