Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update on Everything Pregnancy

Two Friday's ago I had to go to the doctor. I had some sort of infection, we still haven't figured out exactly what it was. The doctor asked if I was having contractions. I said no. She asked if I was sure because I was dilated to a 1. I said I was pretty sure. She made us go to the hospital and get put up on the monitor anyway. I guess I was having contractions. I didn't know you could have those and be unaware of it. Well, I was only at 34 weeks so they put me on some medicine to stop the contractions, gave me an antibiotic, and sent me home to rest with instructions to come back if I was still having contractions.

Saturday morning we went back to the hospital. I didn't know what contractions felt like, but I thought I was still having them. I was. So, I was put on bed rest for the weekend. Two days of bed rest was horrible. The worst part was that we were planning our last trip to Utah the next weekend. We could have cancelled the trip (and would have if we needed to), but it was sort of an important weekend. We were supposed to close on our house, Ammon had a golf tournament, I had my baby shower, and we were supposed to get the carpet in our new home torn out so that we could get the new carpet laid.

On Monday I went to my regular Doctor. She felt like everyone had over reacted. She felt I was far enough along to just let nature run it's course. She didn't feel like I needed to be on bed rest and said that if I stayed on the anti-contraction medicine I could travel, as long as I was feeling okay.

So, last week we left on Wednesday afternoon and stayed that night in Idaho Falls. On Thursday we closed on our house and once again became home owners! On Friday I went shopping with my aunt and my mom while Ammon golfed. When he was done golfing he got the keys to our new house, replaced one of the toilets, and started ripping up carpet. Saturday I got to have my baby shower, Ammon ripped out more carpet and tons of staples, and BYU won their game. Sunday morning Ammon worked on some finishing up things on our house, we had a big family dinner, and then headed part of the way home. Monday afternoon we finally got home.

Here are some pictures from my baby shower. My friend Lizzy threw the shower. She caters professionally and went all out for me. I have never felt so spoiled. We had a big crowd there. It was a wonderful time. I felt truly loved and spoiled. This baby is definitely spoiled. The only thing that could have made the day better is if my sister could have made it to the shower. We missed her.

My mum drove 12 hours to be with me during the shower.

Lizzy and Me. No comments on my size please; I'm perfectly aware.

My wonderful Aunt Harriet gifted me the gift of modesty. Thanks Harriet!

Abbey and me.

Camille and Sarah playing the How well do you know Mommy-to-be game.

Everyone playing the Finish the nursery rhyme game.

Ammon's family. Grandma Jaynes, Launa, Mary, and Mindy.

Thank you everyone! This baby and I were truly spoiled.

Great friends from my last ward. Wendy, Courtney, Julia, and Julie.

My wonderful family. Becca, Stacy, Jamilah, Kimberley, Jamee, Julie, and my mum.

Angela and Me.

Cousins from Ammon's side. Camille and Sarah.

The beautiful and delicious food table.

Cute table decor.

Yum. Everything was so good.

Here is a good shot that gives you the ambiance of the party.

Party Favors.

Candy, animal crackers, and yummy cupcakes complete with little pacifiers on top.

The trip was extremely hard on me. But we got the essential things we needed done. We are all prepared for the baby to come now. Well, as prepared as you can be. I still have some cleaning to do. We got home Monday evening. Monday night, or I guess it would be Tuesday morning, I was woken up by contractions twice. The second time I stayed up and started timing. I was (and still am) having contractions every 3 minutes that lasted for about 50 seconds. They didn't really hurt, but they were uncomfortable. So we ended up at the hospital at about 5:00 in the morning. I am definitely having contractions, but they don't seem to be doing anything. The baby's head is still high and I'm not dilating. We are home now. I'm still having very regular contractions and they are starting to get more and more uncomfortable, but as far as I know we are not going to have a baby for a while yet. I want him to wait one more day and then I don't care when he comes. We will be at 36 weeks tomorrow and we will be in to October. Those are my two requirements.

So, now I am sitting around waiting for our little guy to show up. We had a wonderful weekend though. Thank you to everyone who came to the shower and made me feel special. I really miss everyone back in Utah. It was so nice to see everyone. Next adventure: having this baby.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Giving in to Peer Pressure

Because I cannot say no to people when they ask. And for the sake of documenting these past 9 months for posterity; I have caved to peer pressure and will post some degrading pictures of myself. This picture is the pre picture. Before I cut my hair, before I became pregnant, and right as I was beginning yoga.

Then I chopped all of my hair off. This picture was taken in March at an expo that I was vending at. I had been really sick getting ready for this event. 

Turns out I was about 6 weeks pregnant during this event, but I didn't know it until a few weeks later. Sure explained a lot of things.

Seven pregnancy test later. Everything about my body began to change. I am in about the end of my 4th month here. Looking just as tired as I truly was. The cute hair cut is trying to grow out with not so pleasant results.

At 6 months pregnant I have not grown too much from my 4/5 month picture above. But I'm most definitely growing. As is my hair.

This is my belly as we approach 7 months of pregnancy. I protested these pictures, but have to admit that as far as maternity pictures go, these are not bad.

When I was 29 weeks along, Ammon and I took a tour of the Charlie Russell Museum. He was far more interested in the concrete work than he was in the actual paintings. I have to admit I agree with him. The paintings were amazing and take talent; they just aren't my style. The building, on the other hand was very much my style. So, this is me at 29 weeks or in the middle of month 7.
And finally. This rather paranoid looking picture is me at 33 weeks. Halfway through month 8. The growth spurt has been fast and furious since week  29. He is now measuring 3 weeks big and all of it is straight out. You can see me come around a corner before most of my body has even gotten there. At least my hair is starting to grow out a little better.
This picture was taken before Church today. I had to speak. I just couldn't get up close enough to the microphone. They kept having to turn it up so that I could be heard. Sorry, that's what you get for asking an 8 month pregnant lady to speak in church. 

Yeah, I think we are going to have a big baby. This boy just won't slow down. He has introduced stretch marks, pulled muscles, and all kinds of fun things with his rapid expanding. I have heard that my mother carried us kids really far forward, maybe it is in my blood.

But for the record, yes, I'm certain. There is only one in there. Only 7 more weeks to go!

Friday, September 11, 2009


10-weeks until Thanksgiving.

9-hours or more before Ammon comes home from work today.

8-weeks before we can move back to Utah (give or take a week or two...well, only give)

7-weeks we have left until this baby shows up (maybe fewer...I hope).

6-is a lonely number today. I can think of nothing to put here.

5-weeks until Columbus Day (if you're into that).

4-hours I plan to sleep once I post this blog.

3-weeks big. That's how I'm measuring. 3 weeks too big.

2-weeks (actually, a little less) until we close on our new home.

1-perfectly amazing, and patient husband who helps me be patient while I wait for all the coming events.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When it rains...

It pours! My family has always believed that bad things come in groups of three.

1. When we got home from our camping trip on Sunday my Beta fish had died. This little fish was a trooper. I had him way before we moved to Montana. He sat in the front seat with me the whole drive here. He was my only friend here in Montana. I can honestly say that aside from Ammon I have had no one else but that fish. I shed a few tears for him.

2. We found  out that it is very unlikely that we will be able to move back to Utah until November. I had been counting on moving in 4 weeks. We were only supposed to be here 2 months after all. It has now been over 4. This means that I will not get to get settled before the baby comes. I will be having the baby here in fact. Which I am not happy about. I will also be stuck in this apartment for 2 more months! I don't believe in crying. I really hate to cry in fact. Yesterday, after I found this news out, I indulged in the first cry that lasted over one or two minutes that I have had since I went off birth control; well over 3 years ago.

3. My last pair of contacts ripped. I got in touch with the doctor to send me my prescription. He sent the wrong one. It takes several days to order them in anyway. All of this would be okay, except that my glasses are broken. I am wearing broken glasses and they are causing my already sensitive, pregnant skin to break out. Lovely.

Now, none of this would be nearly as big of a deal as it is if I weren't 8 months pregnant. But I am. And it is a big deal. And I am not happy. Aside from this, Ammon is having a horrible week at work. First his computer broke. Then they had some issue with the most recent pour. And now they are having a hard time getting the equipment they need to fix that problem. Three again. I am going to go drown my sorrows in yet another Milky Way bar, maybe cry a little more, and call my mom. 

But to end on a good note. We have a house under contract. Granted there are still many things that can go wrong between now and closing. But here's hoping that we have had our 3 in all areas and things will go smooth from here on out.