Sunday, February 16, 2014

Super Heroes, Cousins, and Birds...oh my

Life just seems to keep clipping along at a quick pace. This week we will celebrate our little Azure and her 2nd birthday. Amazing she has only been with us that long. I feel like we've always had her, and Cormac. But amazing that she is already 2.

Anyway, January was quiet this year compared with our sicknesses and plumbing issues last year. It was nice. Ammon and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary (speaking of time flying past). We enjoyed a romantic dinner at The Melting Pot up in Salt Lake. I highly recommend it.

The kids have been busy being creative. Which always involves a lot of mess making. And lately a lot of super hero action as well.

Ninja Turtle Cormac. Cowabunga.

Azure striking her "to the rescue pose."

"To the rescue!"

As is customary for super heroes we've got the underwear on the outside. And I think she may start a 1 sock only trend.

Not sure which pose this is, but it's very super hero.

I love that they play together and that they do crazy things.

The beginning of February landed us with some lovely house guests. My awesome sister and her adorable baby girl came to stay. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but I did capture the tea party the kids had right before Lea had to say goodbye.

Two days after the much bemoaned departure of the Caldwells we were honored to host the Enoch Dahls for a night. Again, I failed to get any photographic evidence, but I will say that Isaiah, Luke, and Savannah are all getting so big. The boys loved playing together. And Savannah was so sweet with Azure. Again, that was a traumatic departure for young Cormac.

Cormac is always building these days. On the day of the following pictures he spent the entire day pretending to be a bird. So he built a nest complete with eggs. Then once the eggs hatched he gathered food for his babies. It was all very sweet. Just yesterday he was telling me he wants to be a dad just like his dad when he is a people. Cormac calls adults people and kids kids. I've tried to explain that we're all people, but I've sort of given up for the time being.

Life is good with these crazy kids. I'm very blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with them. Being a mom is like being the only audience to the most random comedy show. Glad these little comedians are mine.


Olivia Cobian said...

I love your updates. Your little ones are so dear. Ruben wants to know where Cormac got those cool blocks. I love your wall around your piano. You are ever creative and talented.

Marianne said...

Your kids are so, so adorable. We should see them more!

Thelma said...

I love seeing an update of your little ones. So cute. I miss you all.